2nd – 4th Grade


  • Players begin to learn the skills and the game
  • Two practices per week at Cocalico High School
  • Game is played 8 v 8 (7 field and 1 goalie) side to side on a field
  • Five weekend playdays with 2 games per weekend (same day)
  • Participate in 3 Tournaments

USA Lacrosse’s philosophy at this age:

Where young athletes begin developing fundamental technical skills in lacrosse. The girls entering the sport at this point have a vast difference in their physical and cognitive development and the game they play should be designed to develop a combination of athletic movement skills, and fundamental technical skills for playing lacrosse. The emphasis at this age group is on instilling a love and excitement of playing, while developing the fundamental athletic skills that will be valuable in any future athletic endeavors. Careful planning must be used to ensure that the environment is inclusive of all athletes, provides multiple opportunities for each athlete to “touch” the ball, encourages experimentation, and a progressive development of existing technical skills. Athletes should be coached to have a “Growth Mindset” by having effort is praised ahead of results.

With respect to the competition at this level, coaches, parents, and officials should emphasize:

  • FUN
  • Trying new skills in a team setting
  • Learning and exploring overall play of the game
  • Sportsmanship